Have you ever tried to clean your carpet but no matter what you did, there was still the lingering odour of something unpleasant? Thais happens to a lot of people, and it can be so annoying. Some people opt to throw out their carpet entirely, as they give up on ever being able to be rid of the odour, but there is no need for something so drastic.

We have a few suggestions that will help you rid yourself of some unpleasant odours and get back the fresh smelling carpet you used to love.

Hire a Professional

The most effective way is usually to call in the professionals to clean your carpet for you. No matter what is causing the smell, they are sure to have something that can get rid of it for you. They use deep cleaning methods that can get all the way down into your carpet and clean it of any stains, odours, particles and contaminants of any kind. If you want the very best leaning, then this is the way to go.

It will cost you more than other methods, but it can be worth it to get rid of any lingering odours that you can’t seem to get out any other way. It’s a good idea to have your carpet professionally cleaned a few times a year to keep the odours to a minimum.

Make Your Own Odour Remover

Another method that has worked well for a lot of people is to make your own cleaner from items you have around the house. You may need to go out and buy a few of the ingredients, but most people have at least a few of the necessary items to make their own very effective cleaner.

Just a word of warning on any homemade carpet cleans, though: don’t use them with your machine unless you are okay with voiding the warranty. Most carpet cleaning machines will not be covered under warranty if you use your own cleaning solution on them. Alternatively, you can use the cleaner without the machine, if you want to work it into the carpet yourself.

So, our method of making a carpet cleaner at home that will get out nasty odours is to start with a water base. Wet cleaning is always the best way to go, as it will help loosen up some of the particles in your carpet. We are going to be working with a gallon of hot water for this cleaner.

Then add in a scoop of Oxyclean, two tablespoons of your favourite laundry detergent and a quarter cup of Awesome cleaner (or some substitute). Then just mix it all together and use it whenever you add water to the machine. You can also use it by hand, working it onto the part of your carpet that is smelly and then drying it all off afterwards.